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Bridal Beauty Calendar

Each of us wants to feel fabulous and look our best on the wedding day!

Here are few tips how to combine self care with specialist skin treatments to achieve your dream look.

This bridal beauty calendar by Nela at Lavendelle Beauty will help you plan for the best results.

6 months before the day

There is still a lot of time left, but it's worth getting started slowly now. Keep an eye on your skin especially if you suffer from any skin problems like: acne, eczema or excessive dryness .

It’s a good time to make an appointment to make a detailed action plan.

✅We need to set a treatment schedule until the wedding day and choose the right package for your skin type ;) Exciting!

3 months before the day

The most popular and essentials treatments are at this time:

✔️Facial skin and body cleansing in connection with Hydrogen Facial - a treatment individually prescribed to the needs of the future Bride. The treatments will thoroughly cleanse the skin, reduce pores and prepare it for further treatments and the absorption of active ingredients contained in ampoules, creams and masks.

Cleansed of impurities, refreshed and deeply oxygenated skin is the foundation of a successful make-up.

✔️The second most commonly is Microneedling -the treatment effectively regenerates and improves the appearance of the skin and rejuvenates it, while maintaining a completely natural effect. The treatment is very popular because it guarantees quick and visible results - the skin immediately becomes firm, moisturized, fresh and nourished.

✔️Maybe your skin and body requires a slightly stronger treatment involving Chemical Peels for your face but also for the back, if you would like to make your skin nice and smooth so that you will feel confident exposing your beautiful body on this special day, a light chemical peel improves skin texture and tone and lessens the appearance of fine wrinkles.

However, in the case of perfect/healthy complexions, a simple but very effective treatment is enough - cavitation peeling.

2 months before the day

✔️FACIAL SKIN CLEANSING - starting a series of treatments or continuing the treatment recommended by the specialist.

✔️BEAUTIFULING EYE RANGE - henna of eyebrows and eyelashes with regulation and shaping of the eyebrow.

✔️MICRONEEDLING - starting a series of treatments or their continuation

✔️ OXYGEN INFUSION - is a specialized skin therapy treatment designed to replenish the levels of hydration in your skin while plumping and smoothing leaving you with a restored youthful appearance

✔️WHOLE BODY PEELING - to firm and even out the skin tone.

1 month before the day

✔️FACE AND BODY SKIN CLEANSING - gentle treatment, treatment continuation.

✔️BEAUTIFULING EYE RANGE - henna of eyebrows and eyelashes with regulation and shaping of the eyebrow arch

✔️MICRONEEDLING - continuation of a series of treatments

✔️OXYGEN INFUSION- continuation of a series of treatments

✔️COLLAGEN FACIAL TREATMENT - a highly moisturizing treatment, guarantees the inhibition of the aging effect, firms, tones and improves skin density.


a nourishing and firming treatment. Improves your skin elasticity and firmness, lifts the oval of the face, and a significant reduction in deep wrinkles and expression lines. The treatment is recommended before going out - it makes the skin visibly healthy and full of natural glow

✔️BRIGHTENING VITAMIN C TREATMENT - a treatment that brightens and restores the skin's radiance.

✔️WHOLE BODY PEELING - to firm and even out the skin tone

3 days before

✅Time to wax your body

Most brides choose to wax before their wedding because waxing removes hair for a longer period of time and a pre-wedding wax has better results than any other hair removal method.

❗️Waxing removes the hair at the root and not just at skin level and typically lasts anywhere from three to six weeks so is the ideal hair removal option for your wedding day and honeymoon.

If you are new to waxing I would suggest starting at least 2 months prior to the wedding.

✔️BEAUTIFULING EYE RANGE - henna of eyebrows and eyelashes with regulation and shaping of the eyebrow arch

✔️LASH LIFT - By getting an eyelash lift ahead of your wedding, you won't have to worry about sneaking away to re-curl your lashes mid-party. Once the treatment is done, mascara can be applied right away.

✔️One of the treatments indicated below:


✔️WHOLE BODY PEELING - to firm and even out the skin tone.


Do not experiment a few days before the wedding - you may irritate your skin or develop an allergic reaction

Drink plenty of water, moisturize the skin

Get enough sleep - sleep is the best you can give your skin to dazzle everyone on this special day!

Attractive bridal packages are individually designed by Nela @lavendelle_beauty.

Contact Nela @

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