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How to prepare for your hair trial

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

I recommend having your trial within six months of your wedding day as usually by then you have a good idea of an overall look. Also if you are growing your hair or changing your colour, by then it is close to the length and colour it will be on the day.


To prep your hair for your trial all you need to do is have your hair freshly washed and 100% dry from the night before or if your hair tends to get oily quickly the morning of your trial is perfect too.

Give it two good shampoos and only a little conditioner on the ends - from ponytail down.


Bring along some pictures/screenshots of ideas you like. I know it can be difficult, do try to narrow it down to your top 3 and on the day we can chat about your likes and dislikes and piece together a look for you. We normally have time to try 2 or 3 variations of a style.


Do bring along any accessories you plan on wearing in your hair on the day if you have them, this really helps you to get a feel for the look.

Another tip is to wear top which it’s colour or neckline is similar to what you are wearing on the day, it's just something to give you an idea of the overall look.

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