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Choosing your bridal hairstyle

Updated: Jan 25

Some tips and considerations when looking at ideas for your bridal hairstyle.

Reference Images

Looking at images of real brides or red carpet images for reference area better representation than Pinterest etc as they are less edited and less filtered, also on social media the hair is usually manipulated for the photo angle so it may not be realistic or suitable for all-day wear.

Hair colour

Always look at style ideas in the same hair colour as your own. If your hair is dark and you are looking at pictures of textured blonde hairstyles we may not be able to achieve that look unless you think about adding some lighter pieces or balayage, as texture in dark hair can sometimes look messy/fuzzy, so smoother styles may work best. If you plan on changing your colour for your wedding day do tell your hair colourist ASAP as it can take a few sessions and sometimes over a few months/year to reach your dream hair colour.

Length and thickness

¨Is your hair long or thick enough for that style? ¨

You may need to invest in some clip-in extensions to add either length or volume, I prefer brides to go for clip-ins as I can place them where I need them also that way we don't have to worry about tapes, bonds or beads being visible.

If you do wear permanent extensions I would recommend having them done 2 weeks before your wedding day as by then they will have settled and won't be so tight to the scalp. I also recommend waiting until close to your wedding day to buy these to ensure a good colour match.

***When buying extensions it's essential to buy 100% real hair as synthetic hair melts under heat which means they cannot be styled. ***


Step away from the supermarket shampoos and conditioners and invest in salon brands.

There is just no comparison between the two. Supermarket products can leave a coating on the hair which may give the illusion of a lovely shine but it can actually do more harm than good and can also affect how your hair lasts on the day, the “coating” can also make your hair resilient to hot tools, meaning your hair may not hold a curl well or smooth out as nice. So I always recommend brides to make the switch as soon as possible and to ensure any build-up is gone and you have best results on the day. Kevin Murphy's Maxi.Wash is a great detox shampoo for removing product build-up and ensuring your scalp and hair is squeaky clean!

Making this change along with regular trims and conditioning treatments will help to have you hair in best possible condition for your day.

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