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Bride Only Bookings

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Bride only hair and makeup bookings explained

I can offer both hair and makeup on the morning of the wedding for the bride only when there is no bridal party or additional guests. The reason I don't take on anyone else but the bride is because there is a lot of time, care & attention to detail needed.

I allocate 3 hours and aim to have you ready 30mins-1hr before you need to leave for the ceremony which usually runs as:

✨Hair prepped

✨Makeup done

✨Hair styled

✨Finishing touches

... then you have that hour to account for getting dressed and photos. And trust me you need this time!

It can be difficult to sit in the chair for 3 hours, this also seems like a lot of time but it is never uninterrupted.

Wedding mornings are busy with your celebrant dropping in, photographer & florists arriving, ALL the last min jobs & everyone rushing around getting ready etc so it can be hard to sit in the chair for 3hrs.

Where as if you have a both a hairstylist and a makeup artist with you, you can do a few bits in between having your hair & makeup done.. Just something to keep in mind🤔🧐

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