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Hair Extensions

Updated: Jan 25

One of the most common questions I'm asked at bridal trials is "Do you think I need extensions?"

Sometimes this is personal preference - you may just want longer/thicker hair or more volume.

Other times you need extensions to create the look and help your hair style last all day.

Does everyone need extensions?

No certainly not, at your trial we can discuss your likes & dislikes. We will work out what works best for you and how to achieve your desired look.


For down hair styles such as a Hollywood Wave, extensions work like scaffolding in the hair they build the shape, fill out the sides & ends to create that strong edge and hold the wave.

If your hair doesn't hold a wave or curl well extensions will help to retain the wave throughout the day.

For up-do's if you don't have enough length or volume to create a bun or pony tail etc extensions can fill this out also half up-dos, if your hair is fine & the amount of hair left down is weak and you would like more extensions will help create a fuller look.

Types I recommend


I prefer to work with clip-ins, as I can place them where I need them depending on the look you are going for. Both Platinum Extensions (250g option is best) or Belle Hair have great quality hair pieces.

You can either pop in to be colour matched or else contact them directly for other options.

If you prefer to pick up extensions elsewhere the main thing is they need to be 100% real hair, if they are pre-curled synthetic hair we cannot use these as they cannot be styled or used with any hot tools.


If you like something permanent, tapes or beads/bonds are good if you are wearing your hair down but you may run into trouble if you want to have an up-style or half up-do as the bands can be difficult to hide.

Another consideration is if you are having permanent extensions is to ask to keep the application low as we cannot backcomb where they are so you may not achieve the desired volume.

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