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Bridal Skin Prep

Updated: Jul 12

How to have your skin looking its best for your wedding day

Whether you prefer full or light coverage, or matte skin or more of a dewy makeup look, skin condition, skin prep and hydration is key. The better condition your skin is, the better your makeup will look and wear on the day, so do invest in your skin, the sooner the better for this as improving your skin can take time and its good to get started before your makeup trial.

Begin with a skincare routine:

Cleanse am + pm

*double cleanse at pm - I love using a squalene cleanser / oil-based cleanser such as the Ella & Jo Melt Away Cleansing Balm first to melt away any makeup, SPF or product, then follow up with a lighter cleanser more specific to your skin type.

Hydrate am + pm

First apply serums as these penetrate deep down into the lower layers of the skin.

Then moisturise, moisturiser will lock the serum in & hydrate the top layer of skin.

Skin mists are a great way to boost hydration throughout the day especially in winter months when the heating is on or if you are in an air-conditioned environment.

Ella&Jo Hylauronic skin mist is one of my favourites and great to prep the skin before applying makeup.


Wear SPF daily - everyday & all year round!


Exfoliate and hydration masks.

Exfoliation is usually recommended 1-3 times per week, do seek advice from a skin expert as to what is best for you.

For hydration I love The Miracle Mask from Ella&Jo   its magic, plumps, hydrates and refreshes your skin leaving you with gorgeous glow. Also if you are a sheet mask fan these are perfect too!

Keep well hydrated!

Adding a couple of cucumber slices to your water is known to help keep skin clear and prevent breakouts.

Also mist throughout the day, your skin will feel refreshed, plump and hydrated.


How clean are your makeup brushes?

Your makeup brushes can harbor dirt and bacteria if you don't clean them regularly. For example if you have any spots or blemishes the bacteria could be living in your brushes and you might find you will get more spots/blemishes from reusing dirty brushes & sponges, so keep them clean!

Spot cleaning your makeup brushes in between use with a brush cleaning spray and deep cleansing weekly using a brush cleaner such as a soap like MUME brush cleaner will help rid your brushes of dirt and bacteria to ensure not only a clean application of makeup but clean skin.

Face cloths & pillow cases

These can also harbor hidden dirt and bacteria which may be affecting your skin or cause blemishes and breakouts so make sure to wash them regularly.

For more specific treatments, skin concerns and a routine personalised to you, I always recommend seeking advice from a skincare expert.

Skin experts I recommend are:

The Skin Nerd - The Skin Nerd provides online consultations if you are finding it hard to make the time for in person consultations

I hope this helps!

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