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Wedding morning prep and Covid -19 guidelines

Updated: May 17

On the morning of a wedding the bridal suite is a hub of activity. Suppliers such as your florist, celebrant or planner dropping in and out, family arriving to wish you well, also your photographer and videographer capturing all these moments.

With social distancing in mind, it is best I work in another room so that you can enjoy your bridal suite and get dressed with all your bridesmaids. Also, have drinks/lunch and photos taken without having to worry about a headcount or social distancing in the room.

To ensure the Health & Safety of all clients, Lisa asks clients to complete this declaration form within 24hrs of the morning of the wedding.

Lisa asks clients to:

  • Only the person having hairstyling/makeup should be in the room or area of 2sq meters

  • Wear a mask, if you have not already had makeup done

  • Please wash & sanitise hands.

  • Please do not bring phones, food, drinks or personal items into the room/ 2sq meter area

  • Please increase ventilation in the room

  • Please provide a clear surface/ table/area for setting up.

  • If any other people or suppliers need to enter the room or the photographer/videographer want to capture moments they must wear a mask and try limit to one person at a time

Please keep in mind, during this time the process will be a little slower than before as I need to allow an additional 10/15mins in between each person for disinfecting my kit and area when working with more than one person


I generally allow 1hr per person as some people take more time and some less so it always balances out and I always aim to have everyone ready an hour before you leave, this is to allow time to get dressed, have some pictures taken, a toast and do final touch-ups. You make think this is a lot of time but trust me you need this hour on the morning as time flies!!!

Makeup prep:

I always advise everyone in your bridal party to have their own lipstick & powder with them for any touch-ups throughout the day.

Charlotte Tilbury has some gorgeous mini lip kits and lipsticks perfect for you and your bridesmaid's bags.

My favourite powders for top-ups are Mac Mineralise Skinfinish and Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Powder

Hair prep:

Please ensure each person’s hair is freshly washed from that morning or the night before & 100% dry.

If you have very oily hair best to wash it that morning, drier hair/frizzy/curly is best to wash the day previous.

Give your hair 2 good shampoos with only a little conditioner on the ends!

If the hair is over-conditioned especially at the roots it can look oily or the curl/volume won't last, so best not to use hair masks in the week of your wedding.

If possible salon products are best as supermarket products can leave a residue on the hair and can affect longevity.

The only time I ask for hair to be wet, is if the person is having a blow-dry.

You can buy Kevin Murphy products from Maven Studio, most products also come in minis & are perfect when travelling to your venue (also great for taking away with you on honeymoon!)

Also ask your bridal party to wear button down or loose neck tops on the morning so that when getting changed nothing has to go over the head, as this may disturb your finished hair & makeup.

If you have any questions or concerns contact me at hello@lisasmythmakeup.com

Thank you!

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